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Abington Emerson Exits Investment In Romeoville, Illinois

CHICAGO – December 27, 2018 – Abington Emerson sold its third and final plot of land acquired for development in 2016 in Romeoville, Illinois. The land originally consisted of two parcels that were too large for most retail and restaurant projects in the area. Accordingly, in order to meet the requirements of a national restaurant chain interested in Abington Emerson’s location, the team decided to subdivide the parcels into three smaller lots. The subdivision was completed in Q1 2018, and followed by the sale of the first lot in Q2 2018, second lot in Q3 2018 and third and last lot in Q4 2018. All lots were acquired by restaurant owners/developers.

“We are very pleased with our investment in Romeoville and believe that our decision to subdivide the lots into smaller parcels was crucial in maximizing returns for this project,” commented Kyle Stoner, responsible for Abington Emerson’s acquisitions in Illinois.


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